During last school year, we developed the Balanced Scorecard tool. The Balanced Scorecard is a management model that allows us to fulfill the Mission and Vision of our institution through the achievement of the Strategic Objectives, which will be attained through the execution of the 7 Strategic Projects defined by the school. To develop these projects, 7 Leaders were appointed and attended a seminar about project development, which helped us to standarize the methodology and structure and to be trained on the elements required for their successful implementation .

This year we have made a lot of progress with the implementation of the BSC. First, we defined the people responsible for of each of the key performance indicators, all of whom have the important task of initiating the collection of information and measurement of each of them. Precisely, the follow-up and measurement of the degree of accomplishment of the Strategic Objectives is done by the Key Performance Indicators or (KPI´s), which act as if they were traffic lights to indicate whether the progress is appropriate, and within the allotted amount of time.

Additionally, there have been several market research studies which will enable us to receive information from all of our stakeholders in a timely fashion about: satisfaction with our services, our public image and a profile of interest of the parents and students. This information will be an important input for each of the strategic projects that the school is developing. Among the most important research studies that we have undertaken are the following:

• Top of Mind and Social Responsibility Study
• Stakeholders Satisfaction Study

Next are the Strategic Projects and the Leaders, who are developing these initiatives that will enable the implementation of the strategic objectives of the school.


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