Alejandra Baca

My Story about the IB Diploma and the College Counseling Program
Attends St. Thomas University (Canada)  Awarded most prestigious scholarship at St. Thomas University: International Chancellor Scholarship- $68,000


The IB diploma helped prepare me for the transition to university because it taught me how to manage my time and juggle multiple responsibilities/assignments simultaneously. It also taught me how to be more efficient and more productive when working on my assignments, especially when writing. I now take less time to get my essays done, which is very helpful when I have many of them to write. I have also found that my communication and critical thinking skills have improved since I can work in a group setting and communicate with my professors about any doubts I may have. I am also able to work through problems quicker, finding solutions and ways to improve the situation. Most importantly, the independence when doing my own work that the IB expected of me helped me with my own management of my assignments since, at university, they don’t even tell you when homework is due, you are expected to have read the syllabus and know. The independence and self-management that the IB expected of me have helped with that aspect of university as well as many others.

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