Ana Paula Mogrovejo – Alumni 2022

My Story about the IB Diploma and the College Counseling Program
Attends Maastricht University, Netherlands.


I think one of the most important things that I was able to take from school was the IB Diploma. Although it was challenging, with the school and teacher’s help, it was an experience that definitely allowed me to learn how to approach university academic life. However what I believe was most helpful throughout this process towards transitioning into university life was the college counseling provided by the school.

The application process when applying to the Netherlands (in my case) was very daunting as there are many requirements that are specific to each university and navigating them alone can be very intimidating. However, along with the guidance provided by the college counselor, I was able to navigate the process in a much clearer way. Not only that, but it was also helpful to be able to know what my options were since the college counselor had a great knowledge of different universities worldwide that could’ve been a good fit for me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have this guidance starting university life. 

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