Arianna Moncayo – Alumni 2022

My Story about the College Counseling Program
Attends Northeastern University


Working with the college counselor really helped me with the application process. With so many universities in the US, I remember I had no idea where to apply. There are so many different options and it can get very stressful when doing all the research. However, meeting with him really allowed me to discover exactly what I wanted to look for in a school. I ended up applying to 10 different schools, all fitting my criteria but with a different acceptance rate. He really encouraged me to put myself out there and apply to schools that I thought I would never get in. I never thought it would work out as well as it did. I am now attending a school that makes me the happiest with a surprising 7% acceptance rate for the Fall of 2022. Working with the help provided by Colegio Americano allowed me to attend the school of my dreams, Northeastern University.

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