Estefanía Baca – Alumni 2022

My Story about the College Counseling Program
Attends Mount Holyoke College and received a scholarship of $61,000/year merit and financial aid.


The college counseling program at the school helped me realize the kind of schools I could go to. The college counselor helped me apply to schools by selecting the ones that would best suit my needs and allow me to thrive, and then making sure that I had all the requirements needed to get into them. Thanks to the counseling program, I found out about the college that I go to and was able to apply and learn more about it before I committed. The program also helped me after I was accepted to figure out the financial aid and visa process so that there were little issues and my transition to college would go smoothly.

The school has prepared me for college by teaching me to assume responsibility for my own schedule and deadlines. I have been able to turn in my assignments on time and study for all my tests. I’m better at managing my time with my classes, readings, and extracurriculars due to how I managed my time in high school. The IB diploma helped me be able to handle the workload while still having time to have fun and hang out with friends. I have been able to validate my credits from the tests and skip a couple of classes due to the electives I took and the grades I got on the exams.

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