Guías de estudio Sección Internacional

8 EGB-7th Grade
9 EGB-8th Grade
10 EGB-9th Grade
1 BGU-10th Grade
2 BGU-11th Grade
3 BGU-12th Grade

Education Section

Note: For the question regarding «Current or Most Recent School» all students must do a search to find «Colegio Americano de Quito» CEEB Code: 930250. Since our school uses Naviance, all students MUST find FCAQ and select it as the school they attend in order to match your Common App account with our school’s Naviance system!

For your counselor’s information, here is our information:

Ray’s Info:

Ray Marx

Director of College Counseling

Colegio Americano de Quito

Manuel Benigno Cueva N80-190 Urb. Carcelen

PO Box 1701157

Quito, Ecuador

Telephone: 397-6300 ext. 114

Fax 247-2972

Todd’s Info:

Todd Johnson

College Counselor

Colegio Americano de Quito

Manuel Benigno Cueva N80-190 Urb. Carcelen

PO Box 1701157

Quito, Ecuador

tel. 397-6300 ext. 115

fax 247-2972

Date of Entry = put down when you started 9th grade at Colegio Americano (or date of entry to high school)

Graduation Date = July 11, 2019

Community Based Organizations = 0

Grades Section

Class Rank = We do not rank (this will be a zero)

Class size = 160

GPA – Log into your Naviance Family Connection and you can see your GPA under the “About Me” tab and then look at your profile at the bottom of the page.

GPA Scale: 10

GPA = Unweighted

Classes = All classes are worth 1 credit.  Classes like TOK or History of Ecuador or Civics are worth ½ credit.


In the common app, it asks me the following:

International applicants: Is promotion within your educational system based upon standard leaving examinations given at the end of lower and/or senior secondary school by a state or national leaving examinations board? (Students studying in the US typically answer no to this question.)

Answer: Yes


Testing Section

Keep in mind that if you do self-report test scores, then all universities will see those scores even if they are test optional.

Our recommendation is to NOT send test scores to schools that are SAT optional.

How To Complete The Common Application:

Please watch this video:

Common App Matching

For the FERPA Release form, be sure to do the following:

  1. Waive rights to see recommendation letters
  2. Allow your school (Colegio Americano) to send letters of rec and transcripts.