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Our mission in the Technology and Systems Department is to support the school through the careful selection, provision and maintenance of a state-of-the-art technological platform suitable for academic and administrative purposes. We are committed to ensuring that both students and faculty have access to quality technological tools that optimize their educational and administrative processes, thus fostering an environment conducive to learning and efficiency in our institution.


We have Google Suite which is a complete suite of tools ranging from email to cloud storage, allowing our students and faculty to collaborate and access resources efficiently. In addition, for a more effective academic follow-up, we use the LMS systems, Schoology and Toodle, which provide us with an advanced digital educational environment, facilitating the monitoring and progress of our students.


In our commitment to process automation, we have developed the FCAQ Portal for parents. Through this platform, parents will have access to relevant information about their children and will be able to carry out automatic processes such as payments, manage exit permits, and update contact and emergency data, among other facilities. This allows us to strengthen the collaboration between the educational institution and the families, guaranteeing a more integrated and secure educational experience for our students. All these functions are also available from our app, available on Google Play and Apple Store.



We provide support and technological tools to all departments of the school. We also provide an integrated system that has financial modules, accounting, human resources and payroll, transportation, fixed assets, inventories, medical department control, sports module and academic module.