María Alegría Crespo Infomatrix World Finals 2022

María Alegría Crespo, an 8EGB student, successfully participated this month in the Infomatrix World Finals 2022, of the Latin American Society of Science and Technology, which was held for the first time in Mexico. The event was hybrid and Alegría participated virtually with her short film “Regrets”, with which she had already been awarded a gold medal at the Infomatrix South American Finals in March at UDLA.

Young people with the best projects in science and technology from all over the world participated in the competition. Only 178 projects in the categories of Robotics, Scientific Publication, Short Films, Software Development, Digital Art, Scientific Story, and Animation. It is important to emphasize that 2,500 projects were registered worldwide, but only the winners of each venue qualified for the world finals.  Alegría, once again, achieved recognition for her work, but this time she did it worldwide. She won a silver medal and also became one of the youngest students in her category to receive this award. We want you to continue making Colegio Americano and Ecuador proud.