María Cristina Peñaherra – Promoción 2007

Recognized by Webster University

Our alumni, Maria Cristina Peñaherra (Class of 2007 and the recipient of the Premio Guillermo Pérez-Chiriboga Award for promoting integration between the National and International Sections),currently studying at Webster University, was recently recognized by the university for her service work tutoring children in the local community. Maria Cristina, a Senior at Webster in Marketing and Advertising, dedicates her time as an English reading tutor to eight year olds at the Mason School of Academic Cultural Literacy. Her students are are non-native students learning to read and spell in English. Maria Cristina, understanding the difficulites of learning a second language, ensures that her lessons are exciting and active for her students. Along with her tutoring, she has been President of the Latin American Student Organization, a floor representative in RHA, a SGA School of Communications Senator, a SGA Senator-at-Large and an orientation leader to international students.