Colegio Americano de Quito has the best high quality standards program of musical education, which brings enormous benefits to our students, biologically, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.


The School’s Music Department has a highly qualified teaching staff, an adequate infrastructure, and a continuous curriculum that offers a wide variety of instrumental options; But above all, a teaching style that respects motivation and taste, empowering the different abilities of our students.

Our teaching system includes three study programs:


General Music, which is designed for Nursery to 4th grade.


Instrumental and vocal performancefor students from 5th to 9th grade.


International Baccalaureate in Music, starts in Pre IB in 10th grade with an audition when the student considers music as a professional option.


The music and movement program at Nursery is specifically designed to develop early emotional, physical, cognitive, social and language skills. In our program musical education is taught in a playful way, internalizing concepts of units from fantasy and stories, reinforcing movement as the motor of learning through play and body language.


Children perform vocal practice through nursery rhymes and instrumental practice in performing melodies with diatonic bells and minor percussion musical instruments. Likewise, during the process of musical training, the values of the school are strengthened by promoting sensitivity through musical art.


Parents will be able to see the development of skills and the learning process in different curricular activities such as concerts and open classes.


Music at Colegio Americano promotes participation, group integration and the development of values that will contribute to the formation of a human being with integrity. The music program at the preschool level is aimed at discovering, channeling skills that allow children to develop physical, emotional and cognitive growth from an experiential and practical approach to music. 


The program includes three units that seek to promote: musical pre-reading, vocal and instrumental practice through the execution of melodic and non-melodic Orff instruments; As well as body expression where children reinforce basic motor skills. Finally, within this same unit, we work on musical appreciation where children awaken their emotional and creative sensitivity to music.


The methodology of this process is based on play activities, movement, stories and songs that manage to strengthen the creative capacity, memory, logical thinking, auditory discrimination, coordination and socialization in children.


Parents will be able to see the development of the skills and learning process in different curricular activities throughout the school year.


In the Primary section, music is considered an excellent training tool because of the enormous benefits it brings. This is why the Department of Music has an innovative musical training and education program that seeks to develop interest, taste and appreciation for this art from an early age. Achieving these objectives through a practical, creative and experiential approach with academic activities that permanently involve the community.


Our teaching system in the Primary section includes three study programs:


General Music Program: Focused on students in 1st through 3rd grade of the national and international section. This allows a learning of music in a practical way with a curriculum that integrates: Musical Theory, Instrumental/Vocal Practice and Musical Appreciation and History of Music.


Students take their own instrument of study home being xylophones (1st grade), melodic (2nd grade) and keyboards (3rd grade).


Colegio Americano provides each child with their musical instrument under a loan contract, at no additional cost, and with insurance coverage.


Vocal and Instrumental Performance Prep Program: It is aimed at 4th grade students. In this program the students have the possibility to experiment each of the instrumental areas of specialization, in order to be able to select an instrument of their interest in one of them for 5th grade.


In addition, students of this level play various instruments such as: xylophones, melodic, keyboards, electric bass, drums, electric guitars and wind instruments creating their own class bands with the support of solo voices and choirs.


Colegio Americano provides each child with their musical instrument under a loan contract, at no additional cost, and with insurance coverage.


Vocal and instrumental execution program: This is the third program of study in which 5th and 6th grade students have the possibility of being part of one of the areas of instrumental specialization that the School offers, which are:


  • Symphonic Band
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • String Orchestra
  • Orff Ensemble
  • Choir


Within this program Colegio Americano offers free technical reinforcement of the instrument through extracurricular classes with specialized tutors. It also provides each child with their own musical instrument for practice, under the modality of loan contract, at no additional cost, and with insurance coverage.


Aware of the responsibility that every artistic activity must have, our students participate in various musical activities that involve the community, like: “Learning Together”, “Christmas Concerts”, “In-house Music Participations”, “Intercollegiate Participations”, “Open Classes” And ” Musical Gala “.


The Music Department of Colegio Americano is made up of professionals with great knowledge and experience in musical pedagogy. This diversity allows us to offer an avant-garde combination in musical learning to our students.


From its earliest beginnings, the students of our institution make a journey through sensorial experiences, using musical art as a tool for cognitive development and artistic skills.


The music program in the upper grades gives continuity to the development initiated in primary, where students continue to explore instrumental and vocal areas such as: Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, Ensemble, Guitar, Choir and Percussion until 9th grade.


In the last three years of high school, Colegio Americano de Quito has decided to implement a program of music oriented to the International Baccalaureate, for students who electively want to opt for music as a subject in their IB curriculum. At the end of the high school years our students have accumulated a portfolio of recordings of high musical and artistic level both in group and as soloists.


The main objective of the Music Department is to ensure that all our students have an enriching experience in the musical language, always deepening the enrichment of their general culture and developing the instrumental practice, not forgetting the constant public presentations during their years at Colegio Americano de Quito. The music department continues to grow as it joins the CAS program, bringing its art to various community-based work organizations.