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“The seeds of freedom must be planted early if they are to be firm and resist the increasing storms around us”
Galo Plaza Lasso

After a planning process, the Nursery of Colegio Americano is already a reality, and with great pride was inaugurated in the month of September 2012.


Learning is centered on the holistic development of the children, where we focus on their social, emotional and academic well-being through play, creativity, inquiry and experimentation. Art and music are a fundamental part of the curriculum.


The learning experiences are based on the curriculum of the Primary Years Program (PYP) where the development of learning skills is promoted by fostering an international mentality and forming solid personal values.


The Nursery of Colegio Americano (Initial Education II) has facilities specially designed for the age of the children.


It is an independent area located within the school campus and has:

  • 10 classrooms designed and equipped to meet the needs of the children
  • State of the art technology
  • Plenty of green areas
  • Recreation areas
  • Medical department
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Garden
  • Farm
  • Door to door transportation, buses equipped with car seats

Special Classes



Students will receive an introduction to English. They will have English classes twice a week where they will learn basic vocabulary, songs, poems, games and command terms.




Students will receive Music class twice a week. Music activities are developed in a playful way synthesizing reality with fantasy; games, stories with concepts; in addition, the child will be introduced to musical instruments.
The program at this age is designed so that the musical learning is a natural process; so that the child will begin to internalize basic musical concepts without needing to conceptualize them. This learning awareness is a process that the teacher will progressively facilitate in later years.

Additional Support

Speech Therapy:


The Nursery has a Speech Therapist on staff who will provide individual support to those students in need, during the regular school hours.


Learning Specialist and Counselor


The Nursery has a Learning Specialist and Counselor on staff for those students who require their assistance. This attention will be provided during regular school hours.


Pediatric Occupational Therapist


The Nursery has a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who will work with specific cases to reinforce gross motor skills and sensory learning.

The people around the child (parents and professionals) should keep in mind some references that add up to each stage:

Provide clear rules.


Create a safe, relaxed, motivating environment.


Protect them against any situation of physical, psychological or emotional danger.


Follow suitable guidelines for the age of the child in question. Do not overstimulate, it overwhelms the child and interferes in the evolutionary development.

Promote a balanced diet.


Stimulate to learn with the whole body. Make as many experiences as possible available to them.


Give them a sense of play in every period of their lives.

Schedule Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9:00 am a 1:00 pm