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Service Learning

Supporting Local Communities Through Service

Students who participate in community service contribute an invaluable impact on the community. Some of the opportunities that students participate in range from Habitat for Humanity to Special Olympics.  

During the 11th grade year, students participate in CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) which is at the heart of the IB Diploma Program. It is one of the three essential elements in every student’s Diploma Program experience. It involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies throughout the Diploma Program.  CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning.

The three strands of CAS, which are often interwoven with particular activities, are characterized as follows

Creativity: Arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking.

Activity: Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, complementing academic work elsewhere in the Diploma Program.

Service: An unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student. The rights, dignity, and autonomy of all those involved are respected.

11th grade CAS

CAS in 12th grade (3º BGU)

In 12th grade, activities are independent and students may select their own activities as long as they are associated with one of the three pillars of CAS:  Creativity, Activity and Service.

The CAS program requires students to work in their CAS program for 18 months continuously and to meet the eight learning objectives.

This is also aligned with the requirements of the Ministry of Education that asks for 200 hours of participation in activities of service, creativity and action.